Engineering and installations in Málaga

Tuinsa was born in 1986 with the aim of being a reference in the design and implementation of infrastructure solutions of any type and magnitude. After many years of evolution and innovation, constant update of technologies, and adaptation to market conditions, Tuinsa has become a leader in the infrastructure field by offering projects with absolute guarantee.


Mechanical or electrical installations, legalisation, regulations, technical data sheets, advice, energy efficiency studies and training.
empresas ingeniería Málaga
instaladores placas fotovoltáicas málaga

Renewable energies

Implementation and updating of technologies, rationalisation of energy use and substitution by alternative energies.


Electrical installations, home automation, fuels, water treatment, telecommunications, air conditioning, heating, plumbing and swimming pools.
instalaciones eléctricas Málaga, fotovoltáicas, domótica, combustibles, tratamiento de aguas, telecomunicaciones, climatización, calefacción, fontanería y piscinas.
mantenimiento viviendas malaga


We carry out the necessary checks, as well as measurements, adjustments and repairs of all types of installations to ensure their correct operation and thus enable their efficient use.
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